Many potential clients contact us looking specifically to have their website updated, redesigned or starting from scratch. However, website design and development services are just two of the many services we provide.

Website Design & Development


The #1 most used Content Management System (CMS) in the world with approximately 60% of database-driven websites running WordPress.

We recommend and build most ‘brochure-style’ websites with WordPress as it is the most cost-effective with faster development time and can handle functionality for a majority of websites.

  • Ideal for small- to medium-sized websites
  • Average 3 – 6 weeks in design & development from start to launch
  • Utilizes a page builder theme for highest flexibility for design and individual page structure
  • Fully mobile-responsive for all website pages
  • A/B split testing available


A highly customizable Content Management System suited for large company websites or unique web-based applications.

ExpressionEngine shines with it’s fully customized back-end system, the highest level of code optimization, and toolset fully capable of handling any custom functionality required.

  • Ideal for medium- to enterprise-level websites, large eCommerce, or unique web-based functionality
  • Average 3 – 6 months in design & development from start to launch
  • All code is hand-crafted giving the highest level of customization and optimization
  • Mobile responsive using the Zurb Foundation framework
  • A/B split testing available

Social Media Marketing

There is no argument that Social Media is here to stay and has quickly become one of the most effective methods of brand marketing.

From basic status updates and image sharing to full advertising campaigns targeting a specific potential customers, we can recommend and manage your social media presence and marketing goals.

Ready to get started?

If you have questions, want to discuss your business goals, or just want to say ‘hi’; we’re here for you!

Email Marketing

Though it’s been around for ages, email is still a highly effective method of keeping in touch with your customers.

As email is an absolute necessity for communication, your potential audience is completely limitless.

We create highly engaging and eye catching emails and email templates to speak to your subscribers. We can include automated subscription forms to your website to quickly and easily gain subscribers.

Photography & Video Services

Websites, social media, and email marketing all use rich media to engage their viewers.

Utilizing still and motion graphics will capture your potential customer’s attention, lowering the bounce rate on your website and, as a result, increasing search engine rankings and wider viewership in your social media efforts.

We provide photography and video capturing, post-editing, and final production services giving you full final rights and ownership to the photography and footage.

Logo & Branding

Your company brand can be either wine or milk, with the passing of time it either matures gracefully or it spoils.

Many times a complete brand makeover isn’t necessary but an update can have a fresh take on your already familiar brand.

We can update your logo or create a completely new design that can be used across multiple mediums.