Engage your Customers

Located in Round Rock, 620 Studio is a full Web Design and Development studio specializing in customized, responsive and mobile-friendly websites, Social Media and Email Marketing, Branding and Logo Design.

We built with WordPress - the #1 most used content management system
We build with the #1 most used content management system. WordPress is a solid fit for most website projects, the “brochure site.”
We create custom web applications with ExpressionEngine
Built with full customization in mind, ExpressionEngine is the perfect solution for high-functionality websites and web applications.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can capture enormous amounts of engagement. Platflorms like Facebook can incorporate direct advertising along with engagement reporting.
We create HTML-driven, rich-media email campaigns with MailChimp

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective method of spreading your message and staying in touch with your audience. MailChimp delivers with reliable and trackable results.